I am NOW taking my in-person small group training online! 


So why group training? Why online? I’ve always been apart of teams, I’ve played sports 21/26 years of my life. Teams work way more efficient than individuals and I’ve noticed this in the world of training! Especially when everyone has something all in common- ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE ALL WOMEN! It’s much easier to go work with a group of women, than alone! My clients have seen SO much success from my small group training which has become a clan of women all working towards the same goals! 

I wanted to bring that camaraderie online because it’s way more challenging working out by yourself when doing online training. You will be able to not only communicate with me, but also get access to other women if desired! Chat about your favorite meals, how challenging the workout is on that given day, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:
        1.      Workouts and announcements will be sent out every other Sunday for 2 weeks at a time! Any challenges, goals, meal plan changes and communication will be sent out for your next few weeks of training! Workouts will be themed and will include 6 days per week of work! One day of recovery is highly suggested. 
        2.      Groups will be made based off goals- weight loss, weight gain, beginners, etc. 
        3.      Each group will have access to a private group chat for all communication, & access to a private Instagram page with all videos uploaded! I will add all videos up via Instagram in the form of swipe to make it super easy to follow along with while you are in the gym!
        4.     Every Sunday your homework is to email me your weekly goals & check ins by 12pm so that I can change or modify your program personally for you going into the new week. Progress pictures and measurements will be taken biweekly to track progress as well! 
        6.      There’s no contract - you can stop training at any time once your month commitment has ended. If you love it, renew each month that you want to continue training!

If you are interested in receiving more information about online training, or want to join the team NOW, fill in the form! I will reply within 48 hours on what slots I have available!

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