BFitN6 Total Body Bundle Plan


Your 6 week transformation! Take control of your body, develop healthy habits, & learn how to train towards YOUR goals!

During this 6 week journey, the goal is to achieve an overall stronger, muscular, toned, and sexy body that you are confident about! No matter what your starting point is, this program has regressions (modifications) and progressions! It can be done by ANYONE!

What's Included:

  • 6 week detailed program- Complete workouts in table form for each week
  • Ebook, Training guide, and Nutritional guide all included. Over 100 pages total of information!
  • Accessible on mobile device (video demonstrations & modifications included)
  • Gym based- You will need access to gym equipment!
  • Total body- Each day you will target a different muscle group
  • Strength training, HIIT training, cardio training, plyometric & core training are all included!
  • Exercise modifications provided- for injuries/ restrictions
  • Meal plan suggestions/ grocery lists (Pescatarian/normal included) Full nutritional support. Learn how to calculate your macros towards YOUR goals
  • Weekly music playlists (follow me on itunes!)