BNickFit Band - Set of 3


13.5" Band- GREY- This is the smallest band, medium resistance. The grey band is great for your warm up and glute activation exercises to get your bum burning! Suggested for lower body movements- above the knee

14.5" Band- HOT PINK- This is the medium size band, heavy resistance. The hot pink band is great for your heavy lower body lifts. Hip thrust, squats, deadlifts, etc are enhanced greatly with this band! Suggested for lower body movements, above the knee.

15.5" Band- BLACK- This is the longest band, light resistance. The black band is great for adding in or finishing up your workout with some extra resistance. Lateral walks, donkey kicks, and numerous core exercises can be used with the black band! Suggested for all kinds of exercises, above or below the knee.

Bnickfit Mesh bag- This set includes a mesh bag to keep all of your bands in. The mesh bag features a hot pink, Bnickfit rubber logo.